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Our flower gardens produce thousands of flowers each year. During the winter months our flower gardeners carefully choose the flower varieties that they will grow that year. Spring months are busy with starting seeds, preparing beds, and planting the seedlings in the garden. Throughout the summer and early fall, our gardeners expertly grow and pick the flowers as they bloom, then deliver them to the temple to be offered to the Deities in the temple and in festivals throughout the summer.

Garden mainstays are bright marigolds, vibrant zinnias, fragrant lilies, colorful dahlias, and large sunflowers. Our flowers are grown with natural and organic methods that enhance the garden soil and attract the bees and butterflies that are abundant in the gardens.


Eco-Vrindaban’s produce is grown with natural and organic practices and is a delicious way to protect ourselves from genetically modified organisms and chemical insecticides prevalent in the American food supply. Our gardeners grow hundreds of pounds of fruits and vegetables each year ranging from green beans to zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, winter squash, and much more. The farm comes full circle with using well composted manure to amend the garden soil.

As we train the oxen to help with agricultural and horticultural work, our vision is that our gardens will be plowed, cultivated, and harvested with human and oxen teamwork.


We grow and bale over 100 acres of beautiful orchard grass hay. The hay is used to feed the cows in the winter months and, when needed, as a supplement to the pastures in the summer months.